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9 makeup tips that change your life

Here are 9 beauty tips shared by makeup artists, it will help make your makeup more perfect, attractive.

1. Use a white primer as a primer before applying eye shadow: This helps your eye shadow to not over-shadow and gets cracked.

2. Apply lip powder: After applying lipstick, use a tissue to light up and apply a layer of powder. They will help your lip color last longer and less color drift when there is no time again.

3. Heat for the lead: Use a match with the head of the eyebrow for 15 seconds and wait for change. As you draw, lead will stick longer and is extremely easy to chew.

4. Use a spoon to avoid mascara on the eyelid: Place the inner part of the spoon in the eyelid, then apply the mascara as usual. You will find mascara only stick to the spoon, not to drip the eyes have beaten before.

5. Use dry mascara: The longest time to use mascara is about 3 months. In case they are dry, try a few drops of saline, you will see the change.

6. Use makeup powder to remove the excess of mascara: powder will remove the excess of mascara that you accidentally left. It will help your lighter and more natural.

7. Locate the lead with the eyebrow: If you are a makeup artist, try this tip. It will help you find the exact location to create the block. Then, use the canopy to make the right mass with cheekbones.

8. Draw a cat’s eye by using a single eyeliner: Make sure you stroke the edges one by one to get the perfect eye. Make a borderline, because if you can mistake mistakes in time. Make yourself a sexy cat.

9. Locate the block and hightlight across the face with a pencil: If you are not a professional, try this way. Identify exactly each area and use a pencil to mark it. Doing this will prevent you from creating a block or hightlight on the face.


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